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for city and club 

Your support and fandom have created an electric current that sweeps through our stadium and across our wonderful city. It is this unified current that keeps our club determined to deliver a world-class football experience for the love of the sport, our fans and our city.

We are excited for what the future holds for our city and our sport. Unified together to make OKC a better place to live, work and play, we can achieve big things, because after all, LABOR OMNIA VINCIT.


Core Values
1. We Believe in ourselves, our community and the people of Oklahoma City.
2. We value Transparency and operate with Integrity.
3. We are Humble, Modest, and Respectful of all.
4. We Work Hard, Improve and reach for Excellence.
5. We are Inclusive, Collaborative and Accessible to all.
6. We value our Relationships and are Loyal to our team, partners, supporters and our community.
7. We compete to win on and off the field, reflecting the values and aspirations of our city.
8. We are Enthusiastic and are an agent of Positive change.
9. We are Innovative and look to eliminate all barriers.
10. We are Authentic to the sport we play and to the people with whom we interact.
11. We believe that Oklahoma is Better than OK and strive to prove this to the rest of the world