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The Green Creed

By Energy FC, 04/11/18, 5:45AM CDT


From Day 1, Energy FC shared the belief that soccer is the world’s game because of its ability to include everyone, regardless of race, sexual preference or religion. 

We also share the belief that ALL Energy FC fans have the right to attend a match that is free from disrespectful and/or hateful public speech and disorderly behavior. 

One of our challenges is that we are entertaining many people at many different events.  We rely on our fans to be our eyes/ears and notify us as quickly as possible so that we may rectify the situation and reiterate that behavior such as that will not be tolerated.

The club asks that ALL of our fans be reminded of our GREEN CREED which embodies the standard that citizens of Oklahoma City have displayed…so much so that it is known as the Oklahoma Standard.

The club is taking steps to ensure ALL our fans are reminded of The Green Creed including:

  • Adding one additional public address announcement to each home match that discusses The Green Creed and the importance of that to a successful and fun environment at Taft Stadium
  • Improving the visibility of The Green Creed on our website at the top of the Code of Conduct page
  • Adding one social media post before each match reminding our fans of the importance of The Green Creed
  • Facilitating a meeting with the leaders AND members of each supporter’s groups at a neutral location to promote open dialogue between the organizations
  • A video campaign featuring coaches, players, staff and fans reciting The Green Creed and other behaviors that are deemed inappropriate
  • Addition of an Energy FC staff member in the vicinity of The 46 to assist in the process of allowing the fans to enjoy themselves and do so in a manner that is compliant with The Green Creed