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A Little Ice Can't Stop the Greens

By Tyler Vaughn, 02/22/18, 2:15PM CST


Oklahomans know all too well that a little bit of ice and snow can shut things down pretty quickly. But while the kids are home from school and many businesses close early or open late, the work doesn’t stop for a professional soccer club.

We’re less than a month away from the USL opener and just a few days away from a big preseason trip to Tucson, so players and coaches are wasting no time to ensure the boys are ready to go come March 17.

Will Rogers famously said, “If you don’t like the weather…wait five minutes.”  A prime example of that is this week.  Just a couple of days ago, it was sunny with highs in the 70s.  The players were wearing short sleeves at training.  Now, we’re in the middle of Icepocalypse 2018.  That makes conditions outside unfavorable for training.

You can play soccer in just about any condition. Extreme heat? Drink a lot of water. Freezing temps? Wear gloves. High winds? That’s just life here. So what do the Greens do when the pitch is frozen and covered by a sheet of ice? They go inside and continue their preseason preparations there.

Energy FC partner, Soccer City, opened their doors for the team the past couple of days so that there was no interruption to the preseason workouts. Brent Skarky attended an indoor session ahead of the last preseason match in Oklahoma. To see more, check out the video below: