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Woj back working with the team after injury

By Energy FC Communications, 07/18/17, 12:00PM CDT


Injured Energy FC forward Wojeich Wojcik is in the process of recovering from his injured elbow and has already begun his rehab.  Although he is still wearing a brace, he has been an active participant at training just as soon as he was able to.

“Rehab has been going well,” said Woj. “It’s been a bit difficult because I can’t do any contact, which makes it difficult to do anything with the team, whether it’s 11v11 or small area drills.”

“I’ve been doing a lot of work by myself, just trying to stay fit.  Once I get the green light to go and do some contact with the guys, that will help me get there.”

Woj Staying Sharp

While training is ongoing with 11v11 or small area games, Woj spends his time running the stairs at Taft Stadium with a weight vest and keeping his foot/eye coordination in training.

Woj utilizes the wall in the Southwest corner of the stadium for some training with the wall and a soccer ball.  He spent at least 15 minutes volleying the ball against the wall, alternating with his left foot, then right foot.  He told us that if he knew we were videoing him, he’d have done something more fun!

Woj is ready to get back into full drills with the team.

“It’s a different type of fitness.  There’s only so much running you can do and when you don’t do any contact and you don’t get to play with the larger team, you can lose some timing.  There’s a difference between running with and without the ball and making decisions on the ball.”

He is looking forward to getting into “game shape”.

“I’m fit enough to run, but not cleared yet for contact.  At the end of training yesterday, we did two sets of shooting drills and I was dying out there.  It’s about staying patient and waiting until I can actually get in there.  Once I get back, it will take me a bit of time, but I’ll get back into it slowly.”

He has a follow up appointment in the coming week where he is hopeful to get the green light to return to full training sessions.

“Next week, hopefully I’ll hear some good news and I’ll be able to get back to training with the guys and getting game fit again.  We need enough time for the bone to heal before we start throwing my arm around again and absorb contact as we would in a match.”

Once Woj gets the green light to return to practice, he anticipates a quick recovery time for his game legs and looks forward to a successful second half of the season.