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Energy FC's role in new State imposed fee on tickets to sporting events

By Energy FC Communications, 05/31/17, 1:45PM CDT


Energy FC and its affiliate organizations are proud to live and work in the state of Oklahoma.  Currently, the state is in the midst of a budget crisis with a projected shortfall in revenue to the General Fund.  To that end, the state legislature has passed a measure titled House Bill 2361 that creates a fee assessed to tickets sold to professional sporting events.  This includes Energy FC matches.

Beginning July 1, 2017, a fee of $1 will be assessed to tickets priced at less than $50, while a fee of $2 will be assessed to tickets priced equal to or greater than $50.  The funds generated from this fee are collected and paid to the Oklahoma Tax Commission for their ultimate destination in Oklahoma’s General Fund.  Projections estimate that this fee could generate $2.6 Million for the State of Oklahoma.

What does this mean for tickets to Energy FC matches?  Beginning July 1, in accordance with the new Oklahoma Statute from House Bill 2361, ticket prices will increase by $1 so that Energy FC is in compliance with the new state law.  Below are answers to questions that have been raised in the short time we’ve had to prepare for this new and unexpected fee.

Will my prices go up as a Season Seat Member?
Not for the 2017 regular season.  Prices for the 2018 campaign will include the new State Ticket Fee.

Does my ticket price still include the donation to Fields & Futures?
Yes, the ticket prices still include the $2 donation to Fields & Futures.  Since 2014, Energy FC fans, coaches and players have donated in excess of $600,000 in money, time and resources to the program that helps re-build and maintain the 44 athletic fields in the Oklahoma City Public School system.

What about the $10 tickets?  Will those still be $10?
Yes.  Energy FC ownership continues to make a block of tickets available for just $10.  Those tickets are available for purchase on game day at the Energy FC box office.

What if I buy my tickets for the rest of the season before the law goes into effect?
Any ticket purchased to an Energy FC match PRIOR to July 1, 2017 will not have the mandatory State Ticket Fee associated with it.