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Energy Assist Foundation

What is the Energy Assist Foundation?

The Energy Assist Foundation provides underserved youth with soccer equipment and safe places to play through partnerships with local organizations. Our mission is to make a positive impact in the community with a focus on health, opportunity, and safety through the sport of soccer.

Connecting young people – especially those in low-income communities – to a sports team and mentorship program early on is directly correlated to future success in high school, college and their careers. Unfortunately, many youth in OKC lack mentorship opportunities and safe places to play.

The Energy Assist Foundation is a 501(c)(3) committed to solving this problem by identifying and transforming underutilized areas such as abandoned tennis courts into mini-soccer courts. The courts keep kids off the streets and bring new life into the community.

In addition to building safe places to play, Energy Assist extends beyond the surface of new courts to provide youth with new soccer equipment and trained mentor-coaches to help kids take their game and character-development to the next level.

Bringing the world’s most popular sport to underserved neighborhoods will help our youth become healthier and provide an outlet for positive activity. These mini-courts and the Soccer for Success program includes after-school soccer, trained coach-mentors, wellness, and recreation to our children who will learn not only how to play soccer, but also how to be part of a team – helping us create a more connected community.

With your support, Energy Assist can continue building access to safe places to play and after-school coaching-mentorship for hundreds of youth throughout OKC. 

Energy Assist

*Our organization is recognized as having completed the Standards For Excellence course by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Our certification is valid from 2018-2023, and we can be found on the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits graduate page.

*990 available upon request