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Devon Front Line Hero


While the COVID-19 crisis has impacted all of us and many questions remain about our future, we’re surrounded by stories of human perseverance and tireless triumph in these challenging times.

Firefighters, EMS workers and law enforcement officers. Teachers creating entirely new lesson plans to educate remotely. Teenagers who are sewing masks for hospitals. Farmers and grocery store workers keeping us fed.

For this, we turn to you: Who’s your Devon Energy Front Line Hero? Nominate that person using our online form.

He or she should be someone whose work in and for the community goes above and beyond to help their neighbors and their community. That could be someone battling on the frontline against COVID-19, or someone else tasked with public service.

We’ll review the nominees and determine winners who will receive tickets to an upcoming Energy FC match and a $500 award.

We don’t yet know when sports will resume, or what the stands, games and seasons will look like when they do, but we do know that there are people in our community who continue to do incredible and often underappreciated work to ensure others around them remain safe, healthy and secure.

Nominate your Devon Energy Front Line Hero today!